Communicare Training Calendar

 Welcome to our course list for 2020. We're really excited to be expanding the number of locations and courses on offer to you all this year. 
If you have a specific training request, feel free to complete our Training Request Form and we will be in touch to discuss options.

Communicare Superuser (3 days)

For information about the Superuser Course, click here

Effective Data Management Workshop (1 day)

For information about the Effective Data Management Workshop, click here

Tue 17/3/20 - Thur 19/3/20 (Perth) Cancelled Fri 20/3/20 (Perth) Cancelled due to COVID-19
Tue 21/4/20 - Thur 23/4/20 (Melbourne) Cancelled due to COVID-19 Fri 24/4/20 (Melbourne) Cancelled due to COVID-19
Tue 5/5/20 - Thur 7/5/20 (Alice Springs Fri 8/5/20 (Alice Springs)
Tue 16/6/20 - Thur 18/6/20 (Perth Fri 19/6/20 (Perth)
Tue 28/7/20 - Thur 30/7/20 (Cairns/Bris Fri 31/7/20 (Cairns/Bris)
Tue 15/9/20 - Thur 17/9/20 (Perth) Fri 18/9/20 (Perth
Tue 20/10/20 - Thur 22/10/20 (Tasmania) Fri 23/10/20 (Tasmania)
Tue 1/12/20 - Thur 3/12/20 (Perth) Fri 4/12/20 (Perth


Report writing in Communicare (3 days)

For information about the Report Writing Course, click here

Clinical Item Building (2 days)

For information about the Clinical Item Building Workshop, click here

Tue 21/7/20 - Thur 23/7/20 (Perth) Check back later for dates and locations


Train the Trainer - Coming Soon!!