Communicare v19.2 Now Available

3rd February 2020

 We are pleased to announce that version 19.2 of Communicare is now publicly available after successful deployment to several sites as a limited release. 

To arrange an upgrade, log in to the Communicare Client Portal and navigate to Help and Support – Forms – Upgrade Request Form or click the quick link on the home page.

We would like to extend a tremendous thank you to all sites involved in the limited release phase of version 19.2 for your time and effort. Your testing and feedback is crucial to our process of delivering a quality product. If you would like to be involved in the limited release phase of future releases, please contact the Communicare Support Team


Click Read More for a list of key features:


19.2 Key Features:

See the release notes for more information


User Lock Conflicts

There is a new form under the Tools menu for administrators to resolve user lock conflicts. The form will list all the users that are connected to Communicare to allow the user with the lock conflict to be disconnected.


Care Plan Tab

The Care Plan tab now shows when active care plans are present by changing the background colour of the icon.


Service Recording

A progress note icon is displayed in the Service Recording window indicating whether any information is attached to the service that will prevent this service being deleted. Ie, a missing icon indicates that no information has been recorded for that service yet.


Documents and Results

  • HL7 pathology results that are received containing a PDF document will now display correctly in the documents and results window.
  • Ordering Provider column added to Investigation Results tab.


Patient Summary Report

The Patient Summary report can now also export all documents related to a patient.


MIMS Interaction Warnings

A new graphical representation of drug interaction severity ratings has been added to the Medications Warnings window and is displayed if there are any interactions when prescribing or dispensing.


eRx SafeScript Integration (Victorian sites only)

eRx SafeScript Integration or Real-time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) is now available. A check box added to the Clinical tab of System Parameters for Prescribing options, to activate the feature.

Currently, Safescript is only required for Victoria. See the website for further details.


EPD Integration

The existing HSD (Human Services directory) Address Book integration module is replaced with the EPD (Enterprise Provider Directory) Address Book integration.


My Health Record

The document list in MyHR now defaults to view all documents rather than just Shared Health Summary Documents