Communicare Updates for COVID-19 (Corona virus 2019)

12th March 2020

ICPC2+ have released a set of clinical terms for recording COVID-19 related information.

The following six clinical items can be imported to your Communicare database on request from Communicare Support and they will be distributed as part of the central dataset from version 20.1

Recording pathology requests for COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019)

Note: The following information should not be interpreted as clinical advice, it should be used as a suggestion for database configuration only. 

The local Communicare Administrator should go to File | Reference Tables | Investigations | Investigations and create suitable tests, for example:
Investigation   COVID-19, swabs  (other suggestions ‘Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), swabs’, ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19), swabs’, ‘SARS-CoV-2, swabs’)
Subtype           Microbiology

It is critical to then go to File | Reference Tables | Investigations | Investigation Keywords and create or attach suitable keywords: