New Telehealth Encounter Modes

21 April 2020

The following new encounter modes are available on request. These are in addition to the Telehealth Video encounter mode which has already been distributed, and can be used to record services where the contact between the Communicare provider and the patient was by using video conferencing.

Telehealth - Provider

Use to record remote telehealth consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic, between a Communicare provider and a patient, using a telephone or another device such as a computer, with or without video. Services recorded using this mode are included in OSR and nKPI reports and for automated patient status updates. Use instead of Telephone.

Telehealth - Recipient

Use where a consultation happened between a provider elsewhere and a patient, such as between a specialist and patient at a hospital, and the Communicare provider facilitated the contact by providing a room and remote conferencing equipment. Services recorded using this mode are included in OSR and nKPI reports and for automated patient status updates.

If you would like to implement these new encounter modes, please contact Communicare Support by creating a request here.