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Yes we are still open for business!!!

We have now moved our focus onto Remote Learning options due to the COVID-19 restrictions.


Facilitated Training Opportunities now available via Remote Learning: 

Communicare Superuser Training Course (3 Day)

Now held via remote learning methods, this course explores the full functionality of Communicare, allowing Superusers and System Administrators to effectively manage the Communicare database on site. This hands on course is for advanced users (usually 6 to 12 months exposure and experience in the software) who are looking to expand their current skill set from front end to back end usage or for existing Superusers and System Administrators to revise and revisit skills. This course is also available to be facilitated remotely for organisations who have a number of Superusers they wish to train utilising online methods. 

Effective Data Management Workshop (1 Day)

This 1-day workshop is a follow up for those who have previously completed the 3-day Communicare Superuser course. It is assumed that users will have first attended the Superuser course as this is an Advanced data management workshop where participants will be doing a lot of work on their lap tops using the Demo version of Communicare. The focus in this workshop is how Administrators can make data entry easier for users and then get data out of Communicare easier for themselves as a result. A lot of time is spent on what happens with data once it's entered into Communicare and how it is extracted out of the database by the reports.

Clinical Item Building Workshop (2 Day) New in 2020!

The input of good data in Communicare is the aim for all organisations. Having effective clinical items for users to get that data into the system is important. Participants will explore the foundations of what makes a good clinical item and using keywords, qualifiers and codes to turn a good clinical item into a great clinical item. This immersive and interactive two day workshop is aimed at Superusers of Communicare who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in building clinical items for their staff to use. We are currently taking expressions of interest for the course. Please complete this form to register your interest.

Train the Trainer Workshop (3 Day) New in 2020!

This workshop is dedicated to teaching experienced Communicare users the art of teaching new users how to use our software. We will take participants through some teaching principles and also work through how to teach the Communicare software to each different different user group. This very interactive workshop involves initial instruction from our senior facilitators, followed by lots of practice demonstrations by participants. A full workbook is included including many sample training activities which participants can take home and use for their own purposes. Please complete this form to register your interest. ** This workshop is not available through remote means, sorry. **


eLearning Courses:

No more paper forms, customers can now sign up for a course online

Our popular eLearning courses can now be purchased online. A great way to engage new staff with use of Communicare.

Introduction to Communicare - Clinical

This eLearning course covers the basic knowledge required for a new user of Communicare who will be using the software to enter clinical data. Read More...

Introduction to Communicare - Reception

This eLearning course covers the basic knowledge required for a new user of Communicare who will be using the software to work front desk on clinical reception. Read More...

Introduction to Communicare - Community Services (SEWB)

This eLearning course covers the basic knowledge required for a new user of Communicare who will be using the software to enter data collected as part of a social services or community services program. This course would suit social workers, counsellors, drug and alcohol workers or even staff involved in smoking cessation programs. 

Communicare Certified Administrator (assessment only) - Advanced

This Advanced eLearning assessment-only course covers quizzes on the knowledge required of Communicare Administrators. This course also contains a number of online assessments to test your capabilities. Read More...


Telephone Training:

Standard Telephone Training:

This two (2) hour Facilitator-driven Introduction to Communicare training follows the same format as the Introduction to Communicare eLearning courses but is held over the telephone with the advantage of an experienced Communicare Trainer to guide you through your introduction to our software. Fill in the Telephone Training Request Form and send on to the Helpdesk to request your Telephone Training session.


Site - Based Training and Consulting will be available once social distancing and travel restrictions associated with COVID-19 have been lifted

We can come to you and train at your site, anywhere in Australia! Customised training to suit the needs of our customers. One of our consultants can come to your site from one (1) day to a full week. Click on Site Based Training on the request form below and someone from our training department will be in touch with you.

Report Writing in Communicare (3 Day)

Communicare is an SQL-based Firebird database. As such, users with the appropriate privileges can build their own report queries to export data from their database. This is an in depth course, exploring everything database and reporting so that once complete, users will be able to better manage the data they pull form Communicare. We are always taking expressions of interest for the course. Please complete this form to register your interest.



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