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Welcome to your good ole' Tip of the Week videos

We're going to be putting up a video each week (or so) demonstrating some of the functionality we get a lot of calls about on the service desk or that customers are otherwise having difficulties with or have asked us about.

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Tip of the week. Week 107 - Administrators: Are you making a redundant copy of your Communicare Backups?

A few Communicare customers have recently experienced an issue where their server has crashed or been hijacked and their backups on the server compromised (or deleted). This is a great lesson for all customers how important your data is. If you lose your backups, you have no fall back if there is a critical event and users will have to re-enter data. It has now happened often enough to warrant this warning from us. Not only to ensure your backups are happening each evening, but also that you or IT are taking a redundant copy of the backups and placing them somewhere else in case the server backups aren't available.


Tip of the week. Week 110 - Simple report to find a patient's observation (Qualifer) history from within the clinical record

Kresna, my awesome colleague and Product Specialist for Communicare showed me this one! This is the easiest way to get a page showing a full history of the measurements which have been taken for a patient. A great tool for providers!


Tip of the week. Week 109 - Administrators: Adding 'Reason for Referral' to your referral letters (template)

When writing a referral, the user can note the reason for referral in the comment box of the clinical item. This can be transposed onto the referral letter by just adding a simple field into the letter template.

Oldie but a Goodie - How can a user easily find past and upcoming appointments (services) for a patients via the Appointments Book?

Tip of the week. Week 108 - Forcing providers to send claims for approval to the local Medicare Claims Administrator

Tip of the week. Week 107 - Administrators: Are you making a redundant copy of your Communicare Backups?

Tip of the week. Week 106 - Finding your most recently used clinical items

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